Friday, October 22, 2010

me is myself ;>


Hehehe... xtahu nak tulis title ape...
Korang... boleh terima x tajuk ni?
(korang xterima pun aku peduli ape ;p... entry aku, aku punye suke le ;> hehe)

Actually, i just came back from Sunway Pyramid...
Today, we had our dinner at Carl's Junior...
Together with me are... K.rona, k.suzie, k.ani, zul, zam and zam's hubby (boyot)...
Purpose of we sat together is because puan zamratul treated us a dinner...
Lagipun... kami sudah lame xberkumpul and mkn beramei2...
Almost 3 month saya rase...
Hehe... mereka and aku dah lame tak serbu kedai2 makan kat muka bumi selangor ni...

Ok2... back to the title... (suke btl menyimpang dr tajuk sebenar... ish2!! pe nak jadi ni?)
Actually, saya mahu share sesuatu pasal diri saya
(rasanye korang sume sudah tahu perangai saya dalam dan luar ;> )
Today, saya ade  wat satu quiz...
Quiz ni byk tny pendapat dr ape y kite minat...
Fragrant ape y kite suke? bau ape y mengenangkan kenangan kite y plg nostalgia? first time rs aiskrem vanilla ape perasaan kite?
Kirenye, soalan die sgt simple n jwpan y perlu di pilih sangat simple...
But, the most part yang saya suke adalah... rersult itu betul2 mengdescribe kan diri saya...
And kawan2 saye pun agree dgn result itu...
So... kekawan y lain... anda boleh check either it's true or not...

You are grass-fragrance type
(i do like the smells of grass especially after raining... why? because the smell is very fresh and reminds me the memory when i was in skool at SAMTH)
You have strong will, not dependent on others and gives an impression of being a lone ranger.
You are extremely curious and sensual, living a clear headed, modern life.
At first glance you place yourself on a pedestal, and are difficult to get along.
But, once others talk to you, they know you are easygoing.
And when relationship develops, they realize you are affable.
You have an androgynous charm, which makes you popular with all genders.
But you don't like your weak side to be seen.
You might look cool on the surface, but beneath it all you are really passionate.
Only people who know your true self can maintain a long-lasting relationship with you.
Comment from me:
I am ordinary girl who like to be accepted by my friend and family.
Me who is trying to seize the best for my life.
I have strong will and like to be optimistic.
I always have a plan for my future.
I always try my best to cover my sadness.
Easily getting angry but manage to persuade my own emotion.
Always be mistaken as arrogant person.
I am stubborn person.
I am talkative person.
I don't bother what people talks about me.
I can consider myself as a good listener.
Always believe beauty is subjective.
To build my confident, I always feels beautiful ;>
I'm always believe people have their excess and weakness.
I feel very thankful that I was around my friends.
And feeling vey grateful that my friend and family were on my side.


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