Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aqua Timez の 「小さな掌」


ni le lagu y i tgh dgr skrang....
ni je video y saya jumpe...
saya rs ni penyanyi die cos suaranye sama ngan penyanyi asal....


jatuh cinta....


jangan terpedaya ngan tajuk diatas...

dlm tempoh ni... saya tgh dok suke dgr lagu dr Aqua Timez bertajuk "Chiisana Teno Hira" y bermaksud Little Palm....

Sepatutnye saya perlu study tp mase tlh dibuang dgn mencari translation lagu ni ((ish2!!!)...
Ok... perlu tido cos mahu bgn kul 4.30am ni....

Aqua timez – chiisana tenohira (little palm)my body understands my heart better than myself
if i’m nervous sweat would runs down my palm
at any time, i wonder, in the tears that want me to stop grinding my teeth
i’ve been taught the meaning of regretting the sadness
i’ve packed hopeful words in many bags while starting a journey
at the times when i want to turn back, you are the one who stopped me
on one of these days too, when i couldn’t choose the right words
you who holds someone close without saying anything
will realize that your way is really lonely

Patting my back when i squat down
that little palm is always beside me
more than any beautifully decorated words
i was saved by that warmth
there’re moments when everything never goes well
surely at the times when everything goes wrong
i guess we’ll realize the importance of a person’s existence
thank you for loving me no matter what kind of person i am
and for being always beside me

Lying down on the grass
and gaze at the flowing clouds
i was able to get back my peaceful heart, just a little
in that place, it feels more gentle than yesterday
i reflected how people couldn’t live well only by himself
still in afar i’m enchanted by the swaying flower of miracle
my regular days that i’ve strongly protected now have been dried
on far older days
i haven’t known my adolescence, since i ran through it and realizing that
i’ve missed the importance of important person

We couldn’t live with just beautiful hopes
the promised sky would get contaminated
in that space under the passing beautiful sky
i swore the word “certainly” into that blueness
day after day, without completing my broken dreams
i think back over the days i’ve lived, however
out of merely looking back and mourning for tomorrow
people have no choice but to progress forward
for the sake of the beloved person in front of our eyes

Touching lightly my invisible scar
there was your gentle palm
all the way better than applause from the whole world
the important thing was beside me

I’ve lost my way in living these busy days
even sympathy have also seemed meaningless
since i’ll never again lose someone without realizing it
for you who loved person such as me
i made this “thank you” song

Words aren’t enough, certainly i won’t be able to catch up
words aren’t enough, but, but
thank you


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

:: ~ 2012 ~ ::


Selamat Tahun Baru 2012...
Semoga kita semua berusaha utk capai azam dan impian kita...