Friday, September 17, 2010

Thanks to you....

Finally, makan2 raya at my home sweet home was enjoyable. The food, eventhough  is not plenty compared to last year... but it was delicious and superb (btl ke kwn2?). For my cousin, who helped my mom and my niece... thanks to all of you. Really have no enough time to prepared all the stuff. thanks babey...
And to all my frenz... thanks for coming... i am really appreciate it...

(ape kejadahnye aku wat karangan bahasa inggeris? hehe... sory if tunggang langgang ayat aku... sdh lame tdk menulis bahasa inggeris)

*all the picture will be upload later cos picture taken today is not using my camera... can't wait to see a picture form all of you. ;>


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