Friday, November 11, 2011



Today is friday...
And today we have a very nice date ---> 11.11.11 @ 11 nov 2011
I was born on 1984 05 06 and today i am 27yr 6mnt 5days...
Till now i still have no big achievement...
I wasn't top student during my old school days... but yet still manage to get good grade
I was only graduated from local uni which is Uitm and holding degree in elec. Eng... but only manage to get 2nd class... never proud of that...
Still working in Canon opto from the first year i was graduated from uni... now i'm already been here for 4 years and 17days
Trying hard to get my master before 28 but that dream won't come true..
I'm now in sem 2 doing my master
I need to work hard to increase my CGPA because for the first time in my life i failed 1paper and that was statistic!!
No matter how difficult the subject i always make sure i won't failed it but this time...
Till now i'm still thinking what my life would be in future
Can i be a successful woman with great education?
Can i be a truly sincerely good muslimah?
Can i find someone that truly deeply in love wif me and accept all the good and weakness of me?
I dont know but yet i believe my life would be better than now if i never stop trying and improve myself...
And i believe Allah all the mighty will guide me... insyaallah ;>

Dream for life, dont ever stop dreaming but yet live with meaningfull and improve ourself to be better person, catch and struggle to achieve the dream ;>

Till then...
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